About Us

What we do: 

PetWale makes attractive and functional products that enhance the lives of pets and lifestyles of the pet parents. We design and retail top quality, made-in-India wearables for your dogs and you!

So far, we’re focused on canines: We've got martingale collars, regular collars, padded leashes, long leads and multi function leashes for comfortable walking and training purposes.

Plus we've got some colourful bandanas and bow-ties (for the canines) and t-shirts (for the humans) to accessorize when it's paw-rty time!

Coming soon: Meowny more things (including a way to get your feline to the vet without being clawed to death!)


Why we do it: 

When we adopted our first dog in 2002, things for pet owners in India were very different. Resources were few, options were scarce, and accessories? We looked longingly at ads from abroad and then bribed and begged our relatives and friends to carry back stuff for us.

Fast-forward 12 years. We had our second dog and we more savvy pet-parents. We wanted more for him -- and for us. We could see (but still couldn’t access) stuff for his training, for his comfort, for treats. By the time we adopted our latest pack member, we knew it was time to stop cribbing, and start doing.

In 2016, we decided to take the plunge: If nobody else was going to do it, we had to. We dove into the industry to make the products we wanted to use and have available for our growing tribe -- at home as well all people choosing to have pets.


Our commitment to you and your furry companions:

Our products will enhance the quality of life of the pets and parents.

Our products will make training pups (and living with them) easier.

We are continually experimenting with different fabrics, using blends of cotton and imported nylon that's both soft and more attractive.

We will continue innovating products that make life smoother, more comfortable and colourful for all pets and their families.

We will always listen to you, our consumer, for feedback and suggestions.