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I ordered Small size for my 2 month old Golden retriever puppy. Fits quite well.
Quality seems to good.
Not sure if this is a martingale collar though

Good quality

It looks very majestic on my husky’s throat. The Martingale section is loose enough for comfort when she’s resting and tightened up appropriately when on walks. Doesn’t choke her. The cotton band also is a plus. I’m as happy with the purchase, as she’s comfortable.

Good one

Good collar, material is strong and doesn't slip on the buckle...

Good product

value for money

Lovely collar!

Love the product quality. The colours are bright and it looks fabulous on my puppy.
The trainer uses it to help in training too.


The package was pretty neat and simple. The collar itself is a great material and is strong. The metal prices have a nice premium Solid finish and are placed. There is no much padding inside when compared to 1000 rupees collar but no issues or itching whatsoever. Over all a 5 star product and a value for money.

Great product... Best found so far!!

Very good product. My beagle is naughty and have broken many dog collara, but this I found best as we have been using it off and on for almost 9months. Easily washable in washine machine. Has not faded, no allergies. All good... Bought small. Now need bigger size.

highly recommend

This is my fourth petwale martingale collar. I have four dogs. My older two dogs have theirs for over a year. The third dog for about two months.
Have been using “hand-me-down” collars on the fourth dog. But she has managed to chew all of them off her neck.
The reflective collars are a bit thicker than the regular martingale collar.
TIP: Always buy one size smaller than you need. Because Martingale collars stretch with wear.

A good purchase

Just love it! It looks nice and fits my lab so well and its great for when i take her on her walks.

Really good. Helping me with my lab who pulls a ...

Really good. Helping me with my lab who pulls a lot.

All products from Petwale are great. Their range martingale collars are a well thought ...

All products from Petwale are great. Their range martingale collars are a well thought and curated one. Their cloth fabric feels soft on the dogs neck unlike the itchy nylon or plastic collars. And they are the best to prevent your dog from pulling on a leash. Their multiple use leash can be used as a long or a short leash, and comes with an arrangement to securely hold the leash around your waist for a hands free walk or a trek. I have all their Tshirts, the first one is over 2 years old, it hasn’t faded, the sticker on it is intact. Petwale products are my favourite and I refer them to all my clients.

loved it

Love it.....looks so bright in my fawn labrador n it's her possession which doesnt get tight on her neck so she feels happy wearing it all d time !

easy, pretty, comfortable

It's easy to slip on and off, especially if you are dealing with an excited dog. Also, the cloth and the spread-out pressure means that there's less chance of your doggo feeling like running on the leash is a punishment. They will run, of course, but the restraining is a bit more like co-opting than coercing.
Did I mention, it's also rather fetching??

Good buy!

Good quality; retains its look even after many months!

It’s really cute and looks beautiful

The colour is beautiful and it would look beautiful on your puppy/dog especially is they’re white/golden/brown in colour. It has a major aesthetic appeal and looks very cute on my puppy (you can see the picture for reference).

The edges are a little scratchy but my puppy has a double coat so she is comfortable. Also, please ensure to check the size before your buy this collar, I got a medium size as my puppy is 3 months old and I expect her to grow into it. Overall, good product.


Loved it the colors are amazing and quality is super duper good. My baby looks stunning in it

A 5star product!

Such a cute collar! The material is great and is very easy to adjust! Looks lovely on my big boy!!!

Simply Superb

Excellent product....worth it👌👍

Durable and Hood reflection

Using this product to train our dogs. Extremely durable and well made.

Best for Larger breed dogs

Good product. Best option for large breed dogs.

Good Quality

The material is good and the reflective material works well.

Y’all this is amazing 😻

Totally as advertised . Good packaging . Fits my little kitten very well . Material is cloth/denim . Go for it . It’s worth it .

Looks exactly as in the pic

The colour was the same as shown in the pic and it was worth the price.


Extremely amazing and comfortable. It shines at night, is so attractive to look at and is sturdy. Best collar till date.

Cat looks cute in these

Well made collar in denim. Strong and seems long lasting.