Diamond Nylon Martingale Collar

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A collar that feels comfortable, looks great and helps in training your pooch. The Martingale is a style of collar that’s fast growing in its popularity around the world. Initially intended for dogs with thinner heads, than necks; it is now being used for all sizes & breeds of dogs.

Size Width Neck Size Dog Size
Small 0.75"  10" to 14" Puppies or small breeds
Medium 1.00" 14" to 20" Small or medium breeds
Large 1.50" 17" to 30" Medium or large breeds
X-Large 1.50" 24" to 34" Large or giant breeds

Benefits of using a martingale style collar: 

  • When not engaged by a taunt leash, fits looser than traditional collars, lessening fur breakage, tangles, and skin irritation from too tight collars. Soft fabrics used to make this collar, go on to add to the comfort level.
  • A martingale style collar gives a gentler form of correction than a choke collar, and is recommended by many top trainers for obedience training.
  • Relieves pressure on your dog's trachea by translating a tug on the leash to even pressure around the neck instead of direct pressure on the front of the neck.
  • Prevents escape of scared, aggressive, or excited dogs by securely contracting the entire collar when the dog pulls in any direction.

Wearing a martingale collar:

  1. Adjust collar to a size bigger than the dog’s head
  2. Slip the largest loop over the dog’s head
  3. Pull the collar to the narrowest part of the dog’s head and adjust buckle to tighten, allowing space for 3 fingers
  4. Attach leash to the D-ring on the smaller loop and check when pulled that the two buckles do not meet.

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