In collaboration with Exalt by Niti Patel, we bring to you - The need of the hour, the protector of our lives, the one thing we cannot leave the house without – the face mask! 

These 2-ply reusable cotton masks were designed with the sustainable ethos and fashion stylings of Exalt and PetWale’s desire to enhance products, providing the most comfortable and functional pieces. 

This mask will take the shape of your face, making it a customizable style and a secure fit. The fabrics used and the distinct system of securing the mask makes it comfortable for use over multiple hours. The two-point securing system helps to keep the mask safely around your neck when you need to uncover your mouth for a drink of water or a meal break.

The ear loop + necktie options help make this essential item a style statement too. Made in various colours and prints, they suit the needs across genders and style statements. Whether you’re stepping out to run errands, working from office again, or going for a run – we have masks for everyone!